Rent holiday home/Guest Houses in Carloforte Dimora Ferralasco di Daniela Ferralasco, Via I Maggio 23, Carloforte

Dimora Ferralasco

An authentic experience on a timeless Island.

Guesthouse - Independent house rentable

If you want to land in an island stuck in time, visit one of the most marvellous island villages, discover traditions, architecture and cuisine that come from different cultures... then Carloforte is waiting for you, in the island of San Pietro off the Sardinian south-west shores. Between the narrow streets of the centre, called "caruggi", you will hear people speaking the "Tabarchino", a dialect similar to the Ligurian one, representative of the origins of the inhabitants of this island who left Pegli in 1542, landed in Tabarka, a Tunisian island, and then arrived here in 1738.

You will taste the typical tabarchina cuisine, where you will be able to recognise Ligurian influences as well as north African ones and tuna, fished in the local fishing nets, will be cooked in every possible way.

A short walk from the centre, Dimora Ferralasco overlooks the sea and it is ready to welcome you between the walls of an antique country-side home, renovated to offer an unforgettable stay. IUN F0456

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